April 4, 2013

Three Ways To Grab Screenshot in Ubuntu

Many times you need to grab screenshot of your system's desktop or running application due to one or more reason such as to capture system error in image file. Whenever you are having problem with some  application and you need to report it or simply want to share a bug with technician, its an easyway to capture that report in image and pass over it to concerned person.
Ubuntu offers various tools to take screenshots. Some popular and easy to use tools as mentioned below:
  1. Snapshots
  2. Shutter
  3. ksnapshot

1. Snapshots
Take Screenshot is the default utility in Ubuntu that is very easy to use. You can launch it from Applications > Accessories > Take Screenshot

Once launched, it allows you to take screenshot in three ways: Grab the Whole desktop, Grab the Current Window, and Grab the selected area. Choose your desired option as per your need and click Take Screenshot.

2. Shutter
Shutter is a third party tool that can be used to take screenshot of any particular area, window or whole screen. Once its installed, you can load it from Applications > Accessories > Shutter- Screenshot Tool

Shutter has the options such as Full Screen, Window and Selection to take screenshot according to your requirement.

The screenshot capture feature can also be delayed for a certain number of seconds. In order to set delay, go to Edit > Preferences, then from Advanced tab set Delay under Capture Category.

3. Ksnapshot
One of popular screenshot tool is Ksnapshot (Click the link to install). It is a KDE application and is not available in the GNOME desktop. You will have to install it to use it. You get to choose which region to capture – full screen or active window, and after you have captured it, you can either save it as a image file in various format or you can send to another application, such as GIMP, for editing.

If you don’t mind having a large bunch of KDE file in your Gnome desktop, then Ksnapshot is the one to go for.

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