September 7, 2011

How To Remove "New Folder.exe" Virus from Pendrive

You may came cross with this virus if you are using pen drive for data transfer at school, college, office or cyber-cafe,etc places. This Virus creates a .exe file with the name "New Folder.exe" on your usb drive.

Symptoms of this Virus are:

  1. Task Manager get disabled

  2. Prohibit Registry Edit i.e. Registri Editor is disabled

  3. Folder Option is not working

  4. Taking too much time for accessing drives

  5. Uses much of your computer's processing power

You can easily remove this virus even if you don't have a anti-virus just by using 'Smart Virus Removing Tool'. Its much small of about 550Kb in size so you can easily download it from the link given below.

Smart Virus Removing Tool

Just Download this Tool and click on it and click "Delete Autorun.inf file".

After that click on "Remove virus from USB". Then virus will be removed from your pendrive. Then after this to restore your default windows setting  click on "Restore Default Windows Setting".

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