April 19, 2011

Internet connection not working?

Your internetconnection is not working?? Here we have list of some important things to check before you run to your network guy for support.

  1. First of all don’t panic (That’s what they teach us @ college :p).

  2. Check out cable connections for network. See if the cable is connected to your PC and router is switched on.

  3. If your internet is working slow than usual then try restarting your router and see.

  4. If you are using wireless router then make sure that you are within the range of your router.

  5. Check if you have correctly entered the login information.

  6. Right click on your network connection icon and click on repair, see if it is repairing your connection or it is showing some error.If it shows any error then just google for that error message from another PC and may get the solution.

  7. If you have installed any new securityrelated program then remove it.

  8. Check your firewall configuration.Make sure your browser is allowed to access the net.

  9. Try opening some other website. May be the website you are trying to access is down, that’s why it is giving you error.

  10. Check if your network connection is enabled or not. To do this open “My network places”. Then click on “view network connections” at left side pane of your window.Right click on the network connection you are using and enable it if it is disabled.

  11. If your PC is not showing any router connected to your computer then reinstall your network driver.

  12. If still your problem persists call you ISP.

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