April 19, 2011

How to make a website in two minutes

Sure, you can get caught up in buying a domain name, paying for hosting, getting a design made and going through various changes when you start designing a website.

But what if you could just make one on your own in under 2 minutes? At Magnetize (www.magnt.com) you can exactly do that and you don't even need to pay a cent!

Simply add the info it asks for, choose a theme and the website is ready, published and available for viewing anywhere in the world.

If you decide to take the 'Pro' package, $50 a year (by credit card) will get you your own domain name (instead of the http:// yourname.magnt.com free site), many more theme options, personalized email, a mobile optimized site and detailed traffic statistics.

If you just want a single webpage to collate your various online avatars, try http:// about.me (which only has a free option and gives you a site like http://about.me/yourname.

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