April 19, 2011

How to boot Windows XP from USB flash drive?

First, make sure that you have at least a 4GB USB drive (8GB is better). It should be a good quality drive, with a good access speed.

Second -- make sure that you have the Windows XP installation DVD. Third -- You need to install a free software called WintoFlash (Get it from http:// wintoflash.com/download/en).

On a computer which already has Windows and a DVD drive, install WintoFlash and insert the XP DVD and the 4GB USB drive. WintoFlash will take the necessary files and put them in on the USB drive.

Finally, if not already done, you will have to enable the boot from USB option in the BIOS settings. Check out the tutorials on the WintoFlash website (http:// wintoflash.com/community/en) if you are not sure how to do this.

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