August 31, 2010

Smart Mobile Secrets

Smart Mobile Secrets
*#06# - International Mobile Equipment Identity

*#0000# (new Phones), *#6110# (6110), *#3110# (3110), *#170602112302# (2110e/i),
*#682371158412125# (new 2110e/i), *#9999# (6160),
V 4.01 - Software version
23-09-98 - Date of software release
NSM-1 - Type of the phone

Some Examples:
Nokia 1610: V4.19
Nokia 1611: V4.03
Nokia 2110: V5.31
Nokia 3110: V7.32
Nokia 3210: V3.01 (10/06/99)
Nokia 5110: V5.20 (??/??/99)
Nokia 6080: V4.80
Nokia 6081: V5.14
Nokia 6110: V5.31 (18/02/99)
Nokia 6150: V5.16 (22/06/99)
Nokia 8810: V4.05 (26/11/98)

Service Menu
Enter *#war0anty# (*#92702689#) for a new menu:
1: Serial Number (IMEI)
2: Production Date (MM/YY)
3: Purchasing Date (MM/YY). You can enter the date here only once! - So be careful...
4: Date of the last Repairment (0000 = there hasn't been a repair)
5: Transfers User Data to another NOKIA phone.

Display Business Card
Menu 2-7-2-1: Set this to anything you like. Then set the phone cost unit to 1 and the cost limit to
your phone number. Rename a profile to your name and activate it.

Activate Headset/Car Profiles (61xx)
Connect pin-out 1 and 2 (in front from the right). The LCD displays "headset".
Do the same with pin-out 2 and 3 and the LCD displays "car".

Call Quality
*3370# Activate EFR
#3370# Deactivate EFR
*4720# Activate HR
#4720# Deactivate HR
If you want to increase call quality/decrease battery life enter *3370# (undo with #3370#).
To decrease call quality/increase battery life enter *4720# (undo with #4720#).

If you quickly want to activate another profile press ON/OFF. ON/OFF again for
choosing a profile - activate it by holding ON/OFF.

Check,Activate or Remove card restrictions
#pw+1234567890+1# - Provider-Lock status
#pw+1234567890+2# - Network-Lock status
#pw+1234567890+3# - Provider(???)-Lock status
#pw+1234567890+4# - SimCard-Lock status
1234567890 (master code) is a 10 digit code, based on the IMEI number of your phone.
Press * many times for "p" and "w".

Network Monitor (61xx)
This is a hidden menu in your Nokia Phone. If you want to active it you'll have to reprogram
some chips inside of your phone. For example the Nokia 6110 Network Monitor:
1. Check your Software version. You can continue ONLY if you have 4.33, 4.73 or 5.24!
2. Take apart the phone.
3. Desolder the EEProm (ATMEL AT 24C64).
4. Read out the data with an EEProm progammer and save it to a file (backup).
5. If you have v4.33 or 4.73 then change adress 03B8 from 00 to FF.
6. If you have v5-24 then change 0378 from 00 to FF.
7. Write the new data to the EEProm and solder it back into the mobile phone.
8. Power on your phone and you should have menu number 10.

The Network Monitor gives you the following informations:
· [ Carrier number
· [ MS RX level in dBM
· [ Received signal quality
· [ MS TX power level
· [ C1 (path loss criterion, used for cell selection and reselection). The range is -99 to 99
· [ RLT (Radio Link timeout)
· [ Timeslot
· [ Indication of the transmitter status
· [ Information on the network parameters
· [ TMSI (temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity)
· [ Cell Identification (CELL ID, number of the cell being used)
· [ MCC (Mobile Country Code)
· [ MNC (Mobile Network Code)
· [ LAC (location Area Code)
· [ Ciphering (on/off)
· [ Hopping (on/off)
· [ DTX (on/off)
· [ Discarding cell barred information

Another way for activating the Nokia Network Monitor Menu:

All you need is PCLocals (a simple DOS program) and a data cable (like the one from the Nokia Data Suite). Then follow the instructions...
Ring Tones Upload Sonera: Denmark, Iceland, Norway or Sweden: all networks:

Sim Clock
*#sim0clock# Shows whether your SIM-Card supports clock stopping or not.

Fast Silent Mode
Press MENU and then # (Nokia 3110 - v7.11 and later).

Caller ID (2110)
If you want to enable Caller ID, enter *#30# [OK], to enable Call-Blocking enter *#31# [OK].
This options are not yet available in most areas!

Cell Sites (2110)
[MENU] 4-9-1: Enable display of cell-site names.

· If you quickly want to activate another profile press ON/OFF. ON/OFF again for choosing a profile
and hold hold ON/OFF for activating.
· Press 1#, 2#, 3#,... to get the entry stored at this location in the phonebook.
· You can access the Call Menu, that is normally only available during a call, by pressing and
holding the MENU button (61xx).
· Press and hold # while you are in the phonebook to the phone number (51xx).

Nokia 16xx, 31xx, 81xx:
1 2 3 4 5 6
(O) # [= = = = = =] #
7 8 9 0 A B

1 - GND
6 - M2BUS

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