May 2, 2010

Student Information System

Student Information System
Via Website, SMS & Landline Phones


“Student Information System(SIS) Via; Website, SMS & Landline Phones” is a system which will use to provide information related to academic and other curriculum information related to the students using Internet, Short Message Service and Telephone or Landline Phone System.
Such system will help parents to check out their wards academic records and will help to understand there ward better which will help parents and teacher to shape up a better carrier prospects of their ward


The project SIS is having five major modules, namely:-

• Website
• Short Message Service
• Telephone System
• Database &
• Networking

Website is a set of interconnected web pages which is designed using web technology. It is one of the best means for information exchange in a click of a mouse all the information van b viewed. In this project SIS we will use PHP and CSS to design the project using a web designing tool called Dream Weaver.

Short Message Service

Short Message Service famous as SMS, is the most effective technology to convey message in today’s scenario. In this project SIS, we are going to implement a database for a SMS server which will send the information about the ward in the form of SMS.

Telephone or Landline Phone

Telephone is the most common mean of communication and can be accessed by anybody anywhere where phone systems are available. In SIS we are going to implemented automatic telephone answering system which will give information in pre-recorded voice.


Database is a the one of the most important factor in this project SIS .Without database the project stands nowhere database is the application in which data is stored in tabular format i.e. in rows and column. In SIS we will create multiple tables and will create relation among them and will normalize the table for the better performance of the DBMS system. In this Project we will use ORACLE or MYSQL to create a database.


Networking is the key tool for information exchange without networking it is not possible to implement the project SIS without a network. Network is a interconnection between two or more autonomous devices for exchanging information or for recourse sharing. As the project has Website, SMS system and Database we need different servers to maintain this application this purpose will get served by networking.


All the modules have to undergo different phases of System Development Life Cycle:

• Recoganition of Need
• Feasibility Study
• Analysis
• Design
• Testing
• Implementation
• Post Implementation

For Details Contact:

Rohitkumar Gautam

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